Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Possible Color Palette - Hydrangea

I am having a lot of trouble figuring out my palette. I like lots of colors. Here is one possible palette. Not edgy or contemporary but very natural. An option.
I am working on more.


Rachel said...

i think this is my favorite

Lindsey said...

Here's my thoughts:

Color Schemes Ranked -
(numbers according to COLORS, not the arrangements themselves)

1. Contemporary Hydranges
* I really like how the first arrangement has a lot of contrast.

2. Moss & Glass
* Sprigs on leafy stuff : A+
More on that later.

3. Hydrangea
*However, my favorite arrangement of ALL the pictures is the 2nd arrangement here. Gorgeous.
I like the 3rd pic here too - the color is really nice & I like the "stiffer flower" thing - but, if those particular flowers are chosen, be sure the flowers don't stink. Even though the chick in the pic has her nose all up in them, for some reason, I have a strange feeling those smell kinda funky.

Also, for the reception, it could be neat to have containers/platters of moss to decorate around the foods ... to "naturally" dress it up a little. I like moss - it's like nature's carpet. :D

Another thing:
April 3rd's posting - I LOVE pics 3 and 4 there... the spriggy stuff in the glass bottles & dishes & such. I think the moss & glass thing also goes really well with the moss & glass idea.

Votives. Very good.

And even later in the posts:
Madrina y Padrina -
So good.

Sooooo there's my thoughts! <3

Lindsey said...

Pardon my typo on the first Hydrangea ...

again, the # ranking is for the COLORS,
and the * below is what I think about the arrangements. :)