Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carbon Offsets for Your Wedding

Lets face it. Weddings seem to be all about bigger, better, fancier, best! There are very easy ways you can make your wedding have less negative impact on the environment. One example is buying Carbon Offsets to balance the carbon emissions your guests will use driving and flying to your wedding.

My wedding, approximately 150 people, will only be about $44.00 to offset!!

CarbonFund.org Wedding Offsets
TerraPass.com Wedding Offsets

"Your purchase includes a certificate of offset with a handsome frame for display at your wedding (valued at $40, including shipping). The frame is made from salvaged Douglas Fir using environmentally responsible materials and business practices. After your wedding, the frame makes a great keepsake." - Terra Pass
This is a great example to set for your guests! While you are there look at how you can offset your car's emissions also.