Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Backyard Reception!

WARNING! This Post Requires Vision!
Maybe a little bit of denial also.
and perhaps a touch of glaucoma.

I am considering having a backyard reception, something my husband suggested and I adamantly refused even to consider. To say our yard is a diamond in the rough is a gross understatement . But it does have good bones, it has lots of potential. If I am going to pay a rental fee to somewhere why not take that money and invest it in my own property?

Our yard has large oak, maple and Bradford pears shading it. It is large enough at a little less than two acres and we have a couple buildings we could utilize as well. We could stay as long as we needed, utilize my kitchen, relax, play and hopefully save a little money!

There are lots of drawbacks. Mainly all the junk in my yard. What better motivation to clean it all up? Famous last words right? haha! I guess Alex and I will have to discuss this in greater detail and see if it is at all feasable. We shall see. I can assure the before and after pictures would be spectacular - the before isn't a whole lot yet!

UPDATE: Well here are some before pictures. It does indeed take vision. It will also take a lot of elbow grease, money, sweat and time.

We have since discussed and we are willing to sink in what we need to go ahead and turn this space we fell in love with three years ago into the space we thought then it could become. Our poor yard has had less than no work done on it since we have moved in.

Our biggest project we are discussing undertaking? A pergola off the back of our house. I hesitate to even put that in print as it may be much more than we imagine. I need to do some more research. I do know I will be spending many hours scowering the internet for ideas, sources and pictures! Wish us luck - also - we will so very gladly take help so thank you for offering! Even your child care alone would be helpful. It is hard to do this stuff with kids underfoot!!!

p.s. to give you an idea of my taste. I LOVE the doorknob above and that will not change. I love my little barn and will be using it as a studio after I clean it up a bit!


The New Mrs. Rue said...

what a great idea! And while you're at it, maybe we can get some of us together on a saturday or a sunday and we can have work day to help you. Just a thought! I can try to persuade my awesome babysitter to come with us and watch the kiddos for us while we work. let me know.