Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Now? Seven Years Later

So why now you might be wondering. We have been married seven years, seven LONG years (just kidding babe) come April 2008 and we have been meaning to do this ever since. Actually, theyear after we got married (2002) I had the place reserved, plans made, people asked and the dress picked out. Then life happened and it just seemed like we should spend the money on debt reduction or something like that.

I am so glad we waited to do the wedding. It has given us the spectacular opportunity to have our sweet children, the loves of both of our lives, involved in the ceremony. It also allowed us to make a significant impact financially on our lives by not starting out in wedding debt. Though I had to wait for the wedding, it was worth it for the marriage.

Another great thing about waiting - I AM ALREADY MARRIED! I don't have to worry about the cold feet of the wedding day! I can relax and enjoy it! I don't remember much at all about the second time which was very low key in the church with only a few friends and family. I was so strung out after the previous weeks (see posts How I Married a Mexican I & II). I will be able to enjoy it, remember the words I speak and take in the faces I see.

Another reason now? My dear husband who is anything but an involved wedding planner, has showed increasing interest in sharing this event with our loved ones. Seeing as I am not pregnant anymore I can not use my last excuse. Also money, our biggest excuse, will not be as much of an issue either thanks to the generosity of some sweet family.

My cousin Christy called last week and surprised me. At the end of the conversation I sort of felt as if I had been proposed to! It was fantastic. She said she and her sister Rachel had cooked up a brilliant plan to help us with our wedding after reading our story. They offered to help me alongside with my Aunt and another cousin (they need blogs don't they?). Christy will do my photography, Rachel my invitations & favors, Christina my cake, and my Aunt Laura will help with my food. T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U!

So Ladies, if you hadn't already figured it out, a resounding YES please!

I am very excited at the prospect of sharing this day with the family and friends who could not be with us at the first or the second!


The New Mrs. Rue said...

HOO-RAAAAAY!!! =) i can't wait!!


American Mum said...

woohoo! Let's talk details!! (In my fantasy life i'm a wedding planner!)

Aprille said...

You really need to be careful because I sure like your style. Your fantasy life might become my reality!! I will need help pulling this together.

Walking With the King said...

I wanna help, I wanna help!!! Even though I'm in OK, is there anything I can do????

American Mum said...

I'm confused though. When was wedding #2?

And bring it on! I was thinking lots of PINK, LACE, and FRILLS!

Aprille said...

Well, I guess it wasn't really a wedding so much as getting married. But saying "marriage" number two makes it sounds as if I have had several marriages.

1. Magistrate in the jailhouse.
2. Church in front of about 18 people
3. to be in front of the masses