Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recycling Gold for Wedding Rings

When Alex and I got married we went out and bought some simple gold bands at our jewelry store. While we love our rings because they were really the only thing we sprung for, they are not comfortable. Not a nice comfort band and it tends to bother Alex's finger.

We really want new bands but I am sentimental and thought we should try to see if we can have our rings melted down and reformed to create our rings. As I did more research I discovered something I had never thought about. Gold mining is really terrible for the environment. Never thought about this. Really.

So here is another great thing about melting my rings down. I have some rings I am not fond of and never wear but I can use them to make my bands. I love this idea because I can incorporate my old bands with jewelry I have, like the ring Alex gave me when we were dating that isn't exactly my style.

While I found several places on the internet, I will be contacting my jewelry store we have used for years. There is just something about mailing off my wedding bands to the internet that makes me uncomfortable. Maybe as a back-up plan.

I love this idea and I am glad to see this available and becoming more common place.