Friday, March 14, 2008

The Purpose of my Wedding Blog

I will be using this blog to help me think out loud - as opposed to talking to myself like usual I will be talking to you! I love feedback just don't rain on my parade! =) I will be sharing some ideas I have been cooking up the last 7 years. I wasn't really one of those girls who spent a lot of time thinking up my dream wedding. After all I was going to be the Scary Cat Lady remember? I have been cooking things up for about 7 years now so I have lots of ideas I need to weed through.

Ideas like:

  • Having Alex wear a traditional Mexican Mariachi Costume
  • Walking down the isle to our favorite trainwreck's "Opps, I Did It Again"
  • Getting matching tattoos of all our wedding dates on our butts the night before the wedding.
  • Having a "Girl's Night Out" to celebrate the end to my bachelorette status with a bang
  • Wearing a dress thats a little less traditional
So what do you guys think?

Yes, I am joking. Calm down. Can you believe this dress is actually on The Knot?


American Mum said...

Ooo I love the song idea! ;) And I'm sure Christy will like Alex's costume, but you'd have to call him Pace.

Jennifer said...

Another for the list:
Throwing the darn bouquet. I love you. I'd buy a dress for you. I'd keep your kids over the honeymoon (well at least part of it. I draw the line as a 27-year old standing like an idiot waiting for flowers to come flying at me as teenagers claw at each other to grab for it. On second thought, it does give me a front seat to the potential hilarious moment. Nope, still a bad idea.