Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moss & Recycled Wedding Decor

I love these moss covered letters one bride made. Moss I have!

What a fantastic use of cans.
I will have to take a look at these some more later.

Another idea: I have lots of dairies out my way. I wonder if I could get them to let me borrow any milk bottles for vases for my wedding day... worth a shot.

photos from stylemepretty.com's fantastic inspiration boards!


The New Mrs. Rue said...

I love the moss letters idea!!

The Green Bride Guide said...

HI Mrs. Rue -

I love the picture you posted above. If you are interested I would love to cover your wedding at www.thegreenbrideguide.com

You can e-mail me at kate@thegreenbrideguide.com if you are interested.


stone gold said...

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stevenjared0853 said...

Super cool wedding decorations! Everything about this wedding is outstanding. The decoration is looking fabulous. Being a photographer, I have visited local event venues but rarely see such well-planned and organized weddings.