Friday, March 21, 2008

Location Location Location!

Venue Priorities for this Bride
Price: Need I explain this one?
Flexibility: I need flexibility in order to have the day I want. I also want everyone on both sides of the family to feel welcome and at home. A large part of this is the food. It needs to be less pretentious than I tend to envision (I am a foodie after all) and more like comfort food. I am thinking paper plates on a beautiful backdrop.
Comfort Level for Guests /Relaxation Element: I have many types of people coming and I am combining two different cultures. I want everyone, including all the children, to be able to relax and have a good time.
Natural Beauty: For what I am envisioning for my reception I can not see having it anywhere that could be described as formal. I want rustic and natural.This will help with decorating too.

I have long thought about location. Where would I most love to have my wedding? What have I pictured, dreamed of? Well this vision of course rarely fits in with budget. So I find myself looking more for places that fit. That is of course, fine. Man have I looked at a lot of places online. Can I just say thank you internet gurus for slideshows. I can not imagine driving around looking at all these places before the invention of the internet.

The major deciding factor is catering. I have a fabulous family who has volunteered to help me with food. Two families actually. Alex's family has made it clear for a while now that when the time came I knew where to go and I would have it no other way. I love my Aunt Julieta's cooking and I want to make sure I am not limited by a set of "Approved Vendors". My reception food will be laid back and relaxed. I also think my dear Aunt Laura has volunteered to help as well. What fabulous people.

I called around all day yesterday about different places, seeing if they are booked, asking all sorts of questions. Fortunately the two places I am really interested in don't start taking reservations till the month of the event, the year before so I have a fair shot. I might have scared one of the event planners though when I mentioned sleeping outside her office the night before. Oh well, I didn't ever mention my name.

I want to tell you where I am thinking but I am afraid doing so will be like saying "Well, it couldn't be worse" in a movie. It always rains. In the meantime Alex and I will be visiting some parks we haven't yet been to this weekend. Yay.

Maybe I will take and post some hint pictures of the possible location and you guys can try and guess where they were taken. That would be okay right? I will say there will be lots of trees and possibly some water.


American Mum said...

Do post! Also, if you book on a Friday or Sunday, it's not as busy and often much cheaper!