Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elegant Organic

I am thinking of sort of an elegant organic look for the wedding. I think it will sort of depend on where I end up doing it but this is definately the direction I am going in. I think it will feel comfortable and it will be more cost effective and by cost effective I mean FREE. So got any cool wood in your yard that needs trimming back sometime between now and next spring? See any pretty driftwood while your on a beach this summer - pick it up! Is there a vineyard near you that will cut back grapevines? Ask them for some! Help me decorate!

I have also directed my husband NOT to kill the moss in our yard that he has been trying to get rid of for 2 years now. I think I can harvest it and use that too. It comes back anyways. Ask Alex.

I am looking for things that have already fallen or will be cut back anyways. I don't want to cut things down because that just is not environmentally friendly. I will be searching the globe, or maybe just NC and some the neighboring states, for interesting stones, wood and anything else like that. For those friends and family wishing to help, this would be great! Think of us when you are out in nature this year!


American Mum said...

Very cool. Very you. Sadly, I'm afraid customs won't let me bring my english moss and ivy over, or else i would. :)

So when's the date? And the location?

American Mum said...

Oh, I just thought of something else. A lot of your photography goes with this theme. Maybe you could utilize it for table numbers or invitations or menus or something.

Aprille said...

I will be taking tons of photographs to go along with this theme this year. I will amass lots I think. I hope. I saw a neat idea for a save the date with a picture I might have to copy.

Where? I am not sure yet. I emailed a place yesterday I would love to use but I don;t want to think about that place too much in case I can't swing it. I will most likely be doing the ceremony at my church. I haven't talked to them yet but I don't see a problem.

The date? I am looking at April but I want to pay attention here in the next month or so to see when things are blooming so I can take advantage of that. I may be doing it the weekend before our anniversaries, Saturday the 25th. Then we could be on honeymoon (maybe) on our anniversaries. haha that would put all of them at the 25th, 27 & 29th! How funny would that be?

I will probably do posts on all of these here soon.