Monday, March 24, 2008

A Duke Gardens Ceremony - Not Quite

Every time I have envisioned getting married I have seen us standing under a canopy of Wisteria - possibly my favorite thing that blooms. I love the smell, the look, the feeling. I have always loved walking through parks where the wisteria has taken over. When the warm air moves your nose is filled with the sweet intoxicating aroma of purple. If purple had a smell it would certainly smell like wisteria.

So I went and explored a place I had in mind for my ceremony. It is pricey but I was willing to splurge for this one thing if it was what I had envisioned. I would cut back on other things to make it work if it was what I dreamed of. So off I went camera in hand to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. For 500 dollars you can have your wedding ceremony beneath a beautiful canopy of wisteria. A small price to pay for one's dream. A big price to pay if it isn't.

When I got there on Saturday I realized I have been missing out for 8 years. HOW have I never been here before? As we could find no parking and I was really only there for one thing, some perspective, I ran out of the car with camera in hand while Alex drove around in the car. I was kicking myself for having missed this as soon as I entered. I have been to some amazing gardens all over the world including some amazing gardens in Holland. This took the cake for me. Looking good so far right?

I am heading to the pergola where the wisteria lives. I turn the corner and there is it. I love the thick old wisteria trunks. They always seem strong and wise to me. Kind of like how some people feel about oak trees. They I see the view from the pergola. It would be PERFECT! It would be perfect if I was having a small intimate gathering of about 600 people! I immediately see that it is not what I dreamed. Okay. It really is amazing about would be splendid if I wanted a wedding party of 20 or so and I had many more guests. Otherwise I would be dwarfed and it would certainly be much more about the garden than my husband and I.

Then I took as many pictures as I could in about 30 minutes. I only saw a small portion of the gardens. I will be going back this week. I will also be going back many more times. To think, I had been wanting to go see the Biltmore Gardens ($30) and this is here!

So I am looking again for a ceremony site. I would really love an outdoor wedding. I love my church and I can certainly do it there but it is not what I have ever visualized. Any ideas guys? I am open to suggestions!

I wonder how long it takes to grow wisteria....

Wisteria photo by Kym Pokorny